Amber Darland has been performing around the Pacific Northwest since 2004. In July 2009, Amber released her third studio recording and debut full length album “Truce” which helped boost her into the world of national touring. In October 2009, she was named the winner of the 2009 North Carolina Songwriter's Coop Song Competition. After touring from coast to coast, Amber joined forces with Lisa Harmon in 2015 to form the indie folk duo, The Sweet Goodbyes. They released their debut album together in July 2017 and have been charming listeners ever since.

When she is not performing live, Amber Darland is teaching music for all ages and directing the music at the Center for Spiritual Living in Bellingham, WA. She recently released her 5th studio recording "There's a Calling" which is quickly gaining attention throughout the nation for its heartful, inspired, and spiritually-infused songs.